Coal Tar USP Grade

Offering Coal Tar USP Grade used in the formulation of anti-dandruff shampoos, skin care products, and hair care products for treatment of dandruff. If you are interested to know more about it, please write to us here or call us at […]



Carbores – Refractory Binder Solution

CARBORES® is a binder, which is used for carbon containing refractory products as well as graphite products. These are found in iron and steel plants, aluminium plants, in the chemicals industry, in foundry and oven construction industries – in short: […]

Coal Tar Pitch

Get Latest offers for COAL TAR PITCH Write to us with your requirements. Thank you.



Fluorene for Benflumetol (Lumefantrine)

We would like to offer you Fluorene for your Benflumetol (Lumefantrine) production. Pls check the specs of our Fluorene 95% Min Parameters. Unit. Range. Typical Value* GC Purity (Area). %. ≥95. 96 Dibenzofuran Content. %. ≤2. 1.8 High-Boiling Residue Content. […]

BS144 Type B Creosote Oil

If you are looking for Creosote Oil BS144 Type for Wood Impregnation , just drop us your requirements here or call our hotline +913340335204



MIBK – Methyl IsoButyl Ketone

MIBK – Methyl IsoButyl Ketone for Paints and Printing Inks Industries. Competitively priced MIBK available in ISO Tank or drums